Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo
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PO Box 47
17803 479th Ave
Clear Lake, SD 57226
(605) 874-2996



Come enjoy the acres of pasture. Many units arrive the weekend prior to the rodeo and stay until Sunday following the rodeo. Over 800 camping units "rough it". There are no electrical hookups, although non-drinking water is provided. Families enjoy cooking over a campfire, horseback riding, wide open spaces, and exciting rodeo performances! Over the weekend there are many fun family events in town and at the rodeo grounds. No pets of any kind or horses are allowed inside the rodeo arena.

If you'd rather not camp, but would like to stay in the area, we have provided a list of other lodging accommodations.

Camping Security & Clean-up Rate

$15.00 per adult (over the age of 12)
$10.00 per child (age 6 to 12)
Free for children 5 and under

CSR is offering packages that combine rodeo admittance with the camping and security fee. These packages are available during rodeo week at camper registration only.

Ticket Purchase



One Day Pass



(2) One Day Passes



Three Day Pass*



*If a Three Day Pass is purchased in advance, the camping and security fee at camper registration is $10/adult or $5/child. Registrant must show ticket(s) and have it punched by camper registration personnel to receive discounted fee. These rates do not include the Xtreme Bulls ticket.

Click here for the Camping Registration Form

Campsite Fire Rules:

1) Do not burn waste, plastic, cans, glass, furniture, etc. in your campfire.

2) Absolutely no burning upholstered couches, chairs or other household furniture. These items are not allowed on the rodeo grounds. Only camping and patio furniture is allowed.

3) Campfires must be contained, controlled, and no larger than 3’ in diameter. Fires deemed too large by rodeo security will be extinguished.

4) No digging of fire pits.

Campsite Size and Location:

1) Each encircled compound of campers must include adequate space for a full-size emergency response vehicle to access the interior area of your compound. Do not completely enclose your compound.

2) Be considerate of the size of your campsite. Do not claim more area than necessary and limit the size of your site to accommodate others.

3) No campers or campsites may be set up against a fence. At all times you must give enough space between the fence and your campsite for security and emergency vehicles to travel.

4) No temporary fences of any kind are allowed to establish a boundary to your campsite or compound.

5) Horses must be secure at all times. Only portable corrals or fence panels are allowed as pens. No hobbles or ground spikes.

6) Clean up campsite every day.

Campsite Rules

1) ATV’s, dirt bikes, and motor scooters ARE NOT allowed on the ranch.  Golf carts with smooth tires are permitted.

2) Glass beverages ARE NOT permitted on the rodeo grounds.  This is a working ranch where cattle graze after the rodeo.

3) All persons camping must purchase a rodeo ticket to camp on the ranch.  There will be no exceptions.

4) Camping is not allowed within 25 feet of either edge of the roadway.

Alert: NO Out-of-State Firewood

Do not bring out-of-state firewood into South Dakota. Firewood from another state may contain the Emerald Ash Borer, which could be harmful to trees in this state. To help contain these destructive pests, we ask that you please leave out-of-state wood at home. Firewood is available for purchase at the ranch or in Clear Lake.

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a recently introduced insect from China that is destroying ash trees. Through the movement of infested firewood and nursery stock the beetle has begun to expand across the United States and into Canada. South Dakota is heavily dependent on ash trees for urban and shelter belt trees. The tree is also a common riparian tree across the state. If the insect is accidentally introduced in South Dakota the economic impact will be enormous. It is critical that out-of-state firewood not be brought into South Dakota to avoid the introduction of this pest into the state.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping to keep South Dakota free of these unwanted pests. To learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer, and its effect on trees, please visit the South Dakota Department of Agriculture's website.

Map of the Grounds

Click here to download map.

Clear Lake, SD